AMCA/ANSI Flow Tunnels

AMCA Flow TunnelAMCA Outlet Register


Accurate flow measurement with calibrated, automated, industry-compliant air flow tunnels

ASE designs and manufactures Air Flow Tunnels that meet the industry standard test specifications of ANSI/AMCA 210 and ASHRAE 51. These tunnels allow highly accurate flow measurement, automated data logging, and immediate reporting. Tunnel sizes range from small for leakage testing to king-sized for large fan testing. The systems can be configured to measure more than just flow, with aux inputs such as RPM, fan volts/amps, and system pressure drop.

The ASE Air Flow Tunnel is the perfect flow measurement system for automobile climate control systems, fan testing and curve generation, pressuredrop versus flow rate data (for vlaves, orfices, ductwork, dampers, register vents, etc.), and general flow equipment performance tests.

For more information, please review Air Flow Measurement Tunnel brochure or contact ASE.