Accurate. Repeatable. Efficient.

Accurate flow and velocity test equipment allowing users to measure pressure, velocity, temperature, and particulate. Proudly manufactured in the USA.

Flow Measurement

Airflow Sciences Equipment offers several products for compliance or performance flow measurement testing which allows the user to gather accurate and efficient data.

Coal Pipe Testing

Airflow Sciences Equipment has developed a range of testing equipment for coal pipe and other heavy particulate-laden flows. This includes standard equipment and automated systems.

Rental Equipment

The same high tech equipment that we use in-house is available for both short-term and long-term rentals with professional support from our team of engineers to ensure proper use.

Featured Equipment

Magic Box

A highly accurate flow measurement system that is lightweight and exceedingly portable. With PLC data acquisition, the Magic Box system provides a step-by-step test protocol for 3D, 2D, or standard velocity traverses with pitot style probes. Magic Box supports standard or Non-Nulling 3D testing.

Non Nulling Data Acquisition (NNDAQ) System


The Non-Nulling Data Acquisition™ (NNDAQ™) system measures the flow rate of a gas in transport ducts or stacks. This system comes in automated and manual versions and allows for measurement with up to 4 probes simultaneously. The system offers the ease of EPA Method 2 and the accuracy of EPA Method 2F by using a non-nulling algorithm developed by NIST to perform reliable, efficient, and accurate flow measurements.

AMCA Flow Tunnel

AMCA/ASHRAE Flow Tunnels

ASE designs and manufactures Air Flow Tunnels that meet the industry standard test specifications of ANSI/AMCA 210 and ASHRAE 51. These tunnels allow highly accurate flow measurement, automated data logging, and immediate reporting.

Advanced Coal Flow Measurement (ACFM) V3 System


The latest version of the ACFM combines the state-of-the-art accuracy and ease of use that the original ACFM brought to the market with a simplified interface and smaller package. The new PLC interface provides unparalleled reliability, even in harsh testing conditions and the integrated weigh scale reduces the need for peripheral equipment, resulting in an even more compact and portable test setup.