Pulverized Coal Flow Measurement According to ASME PTC 4.2

The ASME PTC 4.2 Coal Sampling System is utilized to sample particulate carried within an air stream. The sample is extracted isokinetically to determine the particulate flow rate. The sampling probe features a single, slotted nozzle meeting the geometry specifications of the ASME method. The probe is inserted into the flow stream and positioned at specific locations covering the cross section.

ASE’s system takes a step up in accuracy and durability from the more standard pulverized fuel samplers (PFS). The ASME PTC 4.2 was written in 1969, but ASE adds technology from this century to better refine the system and enhance accuracy:

  • Magnehelic pressure gauge for orifice DP instead of fragile oil-filled inclined manometer
  • Light weight cyclone assembly to reduce probe weight
  • An Excel® spreadsheet template that allows the operator to reduce data instantly after a test
  • Available Mobile Seal Air Fitting with integrated traverse rod to speed testing and maximize operator safety
ASME Probe Nozzle

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