Real-time, Online Measurement of Air / Gas Flow Rate with the Airflow Guardian™

The Airflow Guardian™ provides real-time, online measurement of duct air flow rates. The system is quite versatile and can be fitted with a variety of sensors to monitor the flow velocity, temperature and mass flow rate. Pressure or thermal probes can be connected to the Airflow Guardian, providing an accurate flow measurement that can be used for online plant control or for performance optimization.

The Airflow Guardian can be manufactured to fit a variety of configurations. Common applications include the following systems:

DAPFLOW – For particulate-laden flow streams

  • The DAPFLOW system provides real-time, online measurement of air/gas flow rate through a duct system. The key element of the DAPFLOW is the choice of sensor tip: the Dirty Air Pitot (DAP) probe is custom designed to handle flow streams that are heavily laden with particulate. The DAPFLOW System provides all the basic equipment needed to measure air velocity, pressure, and temperature within the ductwork.

BBFLOW – For combustion burner flow balancing

  • The BBFLOW System provides real-time, online measurement of combustion air flow rate through each individual burner of a furnace. The key element of the BBFLOW System is the choice of sensor tip: a custom-designed Burner Pitot Probe (BPP) measures both static and total pressure inside the burner annulus. Typically one BPP probe is installed per burner, which provides an accurate flow measurement on a per-burner basis.

ACCURA-FLOW Averaging Pitot Tube – For standard duct air flow measurement

  • The ACCURA-FLOW Averaging Pitot Tube is a pressure based mass flow Averaging Pitot Tube. It utilizes established pressure measurement technology to determine the gas flow rate in each duct where it is installed in real time. This online measurement probe measures the mass flow rate of air or gas in ductwork systems for furnaces, boilers, dryers, ovens, HVAC equipment, and other components of industrial plants and buildings. The ACCURA-FLOW system brings a proven and reliable solution to air and gas flow measurement. This provides the data required to quantify flow to each duct and optimize equipment performance.

All systems have many configuration options, allowing local display of flow parameters or an output signal to plant control system or DCS, manual or auto purging, temperature measurement, environmental control, etc.

Duct Online Flow Measurement
Burner Online Flow Measurement

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