State-of-the-Art Solution for Reliable and Accurate Flow Measurements in Transport Ducts or Stacks

The Non-Nulling Data Acquisition™ (NNDAQ™) system measures the flow rate of a gas in transport ducts or stacks. This system comes in automated and manual versions and allows for measurement with up to 4 probes simultaneously. The system offers the ease of EPA Method 2 and the accuracy of EPA Method 2F by using a non-nulling algorithm developed by NIST to perform reliable, efficient, and accurate flow measurements.

Benefits of the NNDAQ System

  • Greatly improved accuracy and repeatability of flow measurement data
  • Faster testing time and less manpower
  • Reduced operator influence
  • Automated data collection option
  • HMI touchscreen graphical interface

NNDAQ System Measurements

  • Mass flow rate
  • Velocity profile
  • Temperature
  • Static pressure
  • Total pressure
  • Atmospheric pressure
Non Nulling Data Acquisition (NNDAQ) System

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