Online Inspection in High Temperature Ducts

Airflow Sciences Equipment has developed an inspection camera tailored to performing duct and stack internal inspections while the systems are operational. The Flow-Scope Hi-T features an HD video camera and uses a supplemental cooling air system to allow for video inspections in duct systems operating at up to 750°F, simplifying many troubleshooting or preventative maintenance tasks.

The Flow-Scope Hi-T is robust and requires only a 2” test port to provide real-time video inspection of duct internals. The integrated lighting system allows for a viewing range of up to 20 feet from the camera. The light brightness is fully adjustable, so the user can make modifications on the fly to avoid any washed-out images.

The camera probe uses an air cooling system to allow for testing in high-temperature ducts. Both the camera and the probe cooling system run on standard 120VAC, so no exotic connections are required; test any location that has a power outlet. The camera probe can be customized for each client, with a maximum probe length of 20 feet, for inspecting even the most remote duct location. The integrated display allows for real-time visualization of the duct internals, while each video is recorded to a USB drive for later analysis.

Equipment Details

  • Up to 750°F
  • Probe customizable from 4′ to 20′
  • Up to 20′ viewing range
  • Requires 120 VAC power

Camera Details

  • Size: 1.75” dia. probe body, user-specified length
  • Weight: Probe weighs approx. 1.2 lbm/ft

Inspection Examples

  • LPA pluggage of screens and catalysts
  • Hopper sweepage
  • Ash accumulation issues
  • Effects of soot-blowing
  • Find plugged injection ports
  • Cleaning effectiveness
  • Air heater seals
  • Sorbent injection lances
Flow Scope Hi-T Inspection Camera
Large Particle Ash collection screen

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