The Most Advanced Technology Available for Primary Air and Pulverized Fuel Flow Measurement

The ISO 9931 Measurement System with Automated Probe Actuation™ (APA) controls nearly every aspect of the test. This makes the ISO-APA™ the ideal system: maximum accuracy, portable, and easy-to-use. It features a motorized SwivelSampler™ and Fast-Lock dustless connectors that are a snap to use. The 4 nozzles of the multipoint coal sampler rotate smoothly over the pipe cross section and the PLC interface monitors the isokinetic extraction rate more accurately than ever.

The benefits of the ISO-APA™ are:

  • Extremely accurate and repeatable PF sampling
  • Reduced operator influence and lower personnel costs
  • Complete more testing, faster
  • Safer testing with the Fast-Lock seal air fittings and dustless connectors
  • Versatile system can integrate with the Dirty Air Pitot (DAP) APA system for Bluetooth data transfer
  • Automatic report generation immediately after a test
  • Touch screen PLC to simplify the operator interface

ISO-APA™ measurements include:

  • Primary Air Mass Flow Rate
  • Primary Air Velocity Profile
  • Primary Air Temperature
  • Pulverized Coal Flow Rate
  • Primary Air/Coal Ratio
  • Atmospheric Pressure
  • Obtains PF Coal Fineness Sample
ISO 9931 Measurement System with Automated Probe Actuation (APA)
SwivelSampler Probe shown as it would be used inside a round pipe cutaway

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