EPA Method 2 Compliant. Primary Air Testing.

The S-Type Pitot Tube (ASE’s Clean Air Pitot Probe) is utilized to measure air velocity, pressure, and temperature within a flow stream. It uses a standard S-Type pitot probe to measure velocity and thus can follow EPA Method 2 test procedures. The probe is connected to a pressure gauge or electronic pressure transducer to measure the differential. A wind tunnel calibration is necessary in order to determine the calibration coefficient to obtain the flow velocity. An integrated thermocouple is used to measure the flow temperature.

Most often, “Clean Air” testing refers to the measurement of primary air in a coal piping system when the coal flow is off. Since the Clean Air Pitot Probe meets EPA Method 2 specifications, it can also be used to measure any air or flue gas flows, including secondary air, boiler outlet, air heater inlet/outlet, electrostatic precipitator inlet/outlet, or stack exhaust.

For a more advanced, computerized volumetric flow measurement system, ASE offers the 3 Dimensional Data Acquisition System (3DDAS™).

Clean Air Pitot Probe/S-Type Pitot Probe Test Kit
Clean Air Pitot Probe/ S-Type Pitot System

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