Accurate Flow Measurement with Calibrated, Industry-Compliant Air Flow Tunnels

The Air Flow Tunnel allows for the generation of fan and blower performance curves as well as pressure drop curves in order to measure and improve flow resistance within ductwork, radiators and other system components. They are fully customizable to measure any desired range of air flow rates. Typical tunnels range from 50 to 12,000 CFM for fans and HVAC equipment, while smaller tunnels with range from 0.1 to 50 CFM are used for leakage testing or smaller products and filters. Very large tunnels, 10,000 to 60,000+ CFM are available for large fans and complete AHU testing. All systems target 2% or better accuracy.

AMCA/ASHRAE Flow Tunnel Models

Air Flow Tunnels are custom-built to meet customer specifications. Common Air Flow Tunnel models are shown below:

  • Model AFT-3 (0.15 to 3.0 CFM)
  • Model AFT-7.5 (0.4 to 7.5 CFM)
  • Model AFT-100 (5 to 100 CFM)
  • Model AFT- 500 (10 to 500 CFM)
  • Model AFT-1500 (10 to 1500 CFM)
  • Model AFT- 3000 (50 to 3000 CFM)
  • Model AFT-12000 (50 to 12000 CFM)
  • Custom (you name it, we’ll build it)

Common Applications for Flow Tunnels

  • Automobile climate control systems
  • Fan testing
  • Fan curve generation
  • Pressure drop versus flow rate data (for valves, orifices, ductwork, dampers, register vents, etc.)
  • Performance tests of general flow equipment

Software / Data Logger

PC based software performs data logging for all flow tunnel components (fan, transducers, temperature), ambient conditions (pressure, temperature, humidity) and Unit Under Test (UUT) operating conditions (fan voltage, RPM, actuator motor voltage). Software features user input of test conditions and selection of nozzle. On-screen display of results during testing. Exports data for Excel spreadsheet import.

Performance and Operation

As air is moved through the chamber the pressure drop is measured across the nozzle plane. Expected accuracy is +/-2% of full scale for each nozzle, and typical accuracy of calibration results are better than 1% of the reading.

AMCA Flow Tunnel
Typical AFT-3000 flow tunnel with automation
AMCA Flow Tunnel being used for calibration
Typical AFT-1500
AMCA Flow Tunnel being used to test an automotive HVAC system
Automotive testing with typical AFT-100

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