A Reliable and Efficient System for Volumetric Flow Measurements in Ducts and Stacks

The 3DDAS™ data acquisition system and software are tailored to perform duct and stack volumetric flow measurements according to EPA Method 2F. The heart of the 3DDAS system is a rugged, industrial computer and a 16 channel, 16-bit data acquisition board. A touch screen and wireless remote transmitter interface simplifies testing procedures.

The 3DDAS uses our 3DPROBE™ program to more accurately and efficiently perform 3D duct velocity traverses. The program includes complete test configuration information, data recording and reduction report generation, and error checking. 3DPROBE is fully compliant with EPA Methods 2, 2F, 2G, and 2H. Other probe selections include the spherical probe and prism probe (also known as DAT probe).

3DDAS Data Acquisition System Applications

  • Stack/RATA testing
  • Fan outlet ducts
  • Mill inlet ducts
  • General ductwork/piping
  • Turbines/HRSGs
    (with optional water-cooled probe)
  • Fully compliant with
    EPA Method 2, 2F, 2G and 2H


  • Atmospheric pressure transducer
  • Low range pressure transducer set
  • Cold weather operation
  • Heavy duty 3D probe tube bundle
  • Purge pump
  • 3DDAS inclinometer
  • Yaw angle laser pointer & protractor
  • Water-cooled probe


  • Industrial NEMA 4/12 rated computer
  • High accuracy (0.25%) pressure transducer
  • Operation range: 40oF to 130oF ambient
  • 30 minute on-board battery backup
3-Dimensional Data Acquisition System (3DDAS)
3DDAS Probe Options

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