Experience the enchantment of effortless flow measurement

A highly accurate flow measurement system that is lightweight and exceedingly portable. With PLC data acquisition, the Magic Box system provides a step-by-step test protocol for 3D, 2D, or standard velocity traverses with pitot style probes. Magic Box supports standard or Non-Nulling 3D testing.

Magic Box Testing Applications

  • Stack/RATA
  • Fans
  • Mill inlet ducts
  • Secondary air ducts
  • General ductwork/piping
  • Turbines/HRSGs (with optional water-cooled probe)


  • Atmospheric pressure transducer
  • Cold weather operation
  • Heavy duty 3D probe tube bundle
  • Integrated probe purging
  • Inclinometer
  • Yaw angle laser pointer & protractor
  • Water-cooled probe


  • Industrial Programmable Logic Controller
  • Touchscreen user interface
  • Three button RF remote controls (2)
  • Operation range: 0°F to 135°F ambient
  • Fully compliant with EPA Method 2, 2F, and 2G
Magic Box flow measurement system
3D probe options for Magic Box

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