Do you have a complicated or unique flow problem?

Our highly skilled staff of technicians and engineers have developed solutions to flow and heat transfer issues in the power, food processing, heat quenching, and aerospace industries. Airflow Sciences Equipment designs a range of devices, from standard probes to complex test equipment, that provide precise flow-related measurements.

Available pressure style probes, either standard or custom, include:

  • 3D Velocity Probes (including water-cooled)
  • S-Type Pitot Probes
  • Dirty Air Pitot Probes
  • Secondary Air Flow Measurement Probes
  • Video Inspection Probes
  • Specialty Probes

Custom test fixtures and lab experiments:

  • Environmental test chambers
  • Wind tunnels
  • HVAC prototype equipment
  • Airborne virus transmission mitigation systems
  • Particulate behavior test fixtures
  • Manufactured product test beds
Roaster Custom Test Equipment

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