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3D Velocity Measurement Probes | Spherical and Prism Probes
ASME PTC 4 2 Coal Sampling Probes
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Airflow Sciences’ Wind Tunnel
AMCA/ASHRAE Flow Tunnel Part 1
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Mobile Seal Air Fitting
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Leak Checks for 3D Probes
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Wind Tunnel for Particulate Testing
Magic Box Flow Measurement System
Wind Tunnel Probe Calibrations
Why You Should Be Using 3D Probes
What is an S-Type Pitot Probe?

Product Videos

MAP System Lab Demo
MAP System Method 2F Demo on Stack
The Multiple Automated Probe System for Accurate Stack Testing
MAP System CAD Animation
3DDAS Overview
ACFM V3 Overview
Automated AMCA Tunnel

How-To Videos

How to Use the ASME PTC 4.2 Coal Sampling System
How to Use the Advanced Coal Flow Measurement (ACFM™) V3