A Quick and Accurate Flyash Sampling System for Ducts and Stacks

The Isokinetic Flyash Sampling System (IsoAsh) by Airflow Sciences Equipment, LLC (ASE) allows for quick and accurate flyash sampling from ducts and pipes. The IsoAsh is based on two industry test protocols: ASTM D3154 (velocity measurement) and ASME PTC 4.2 (isokinetic sampling). The primary use of the equipment is on small ducts and pipes where EPA Method 5 or 17 is impractical or not required.

The IsoAsh System probes are inserted into the flow stream and positioned at specific locations over the cross section. First, the flow velocity is measured using either an S-Type Pitot or a Dirty Air Pitot (DAP) probe. Then, the flyash sampling is performed via a vacuum system with the extraction rate controlled by the operator. The flyash is captured in a cyclone separator and weighed after each test to calculate the flyash flow rate. The samples can be used for particle size analysis or chemical composition testing.

The complete IsoAsh Sampling System by ASE provides all the basic equipment needed to sample flyash isokinetically per ASTM and ASME procedures.

Isokinetic Flyash Sampling System (ISOAsh)

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