Accurate Air Flow Measurements in Particle Laden Ducts

The Dirty Air Pitot (DAP) Probe is utilized to measure air velocity, pressure, and temperature within a flow stream that is heavily laden with particulate.

Compared to other pressure-type velocity probes, the design of the DAP reduces the potential for pluggage of the pressure lines, a situation that will yield erroneous results. The DAP probe is generally used to measure the air or gas flow rate in pneumatic conveying systems. These may include piping or duct systems that transport cement, pulverized fuel (PF) (i.e. coal), lime, or food products.

Even with a system as seemingly simple as a velocity probe, ASE offers refinements and technical improvements based on our field use since 1993. Over 20 years of coal pipe testing makes our DAP system top grade:

  • Built-in level and handle for accurate probe alignment and positioning
  • Rugged tubing with protective nylon sleeve instead of simple and non-durable tygon tubing, to connect probe and handheld manometer
  • Spreadsheet template for quick data reduction
  • Optional Mobile Seal Air Fitting with integrated traverse rod to speed testing and maximize operator safety
  • Optional advanced meter for wireless Bluetooth data transfer of pressure and temperature
  • Optional Fast-Lock dustless connector system for sealed air and automatically aligned connection (Please review the DAP Fast-Lock brochure)
Dirty Air Pitot Probe

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