3DDAS System3DDAS Probe Options

A Reliable and Efficient System for Volumetric Flow Measurements in Ducts and Stacks

The 3D Probe Data Acquisition System (3DDAS™) has been used to measure duct and stack volumetric flow according to EPA Method 2F for over a decade. The heart of the 3DDAS system is a rugged, industrial computer and a 16 channel, 16-bit data acquisition board. The 3DDAS uses our 3DPROBE software program to more accurately and efficiently perform 3D duct velocity traverses. Data is collected and displayed in real-time, allowing the operator to analyze results on the fly. 3DPROBE is fully compliant with EPA Methods 2, 2F, 2G, and 2H.

The benefits of the 3DDAS are:

  • Greatly improved accuracy and repeatability of flow measurement data.
  • Reduced operator influence with 3DPROBE™ test setup.
  • Wireless remote transmitter allows single person testing.
  • Automated leak checks, data collection, and EDR report generation

3DDAS options/accessories include:

  • Atmospheric pressure transducer
  • Low range pressure transducer set
  • Cold weather operation
  • Heavy duty 3D probe tube bundle
  • Purge pump
  • 3DDAS inclinometer
  • Yaw angle laser pointer & protractor
  • Water-cooled probe for hot environments (Turbines/HRSGs)

For more information, please review the 3DDAS brochure or contact ASE. The 3DDAS options list details the system options, accessories available, and different probe types.