ISO 9931 Measurement System

ISO 9931 Probe or rotor probe


ISO 9931 control panel

Pulverized Coal Flow Measurement According to ISO 9931

The manually operated ISO 9931 Measurement System follows the procedure of the ISO 9931 "Coal -- Sampling of pulverized coal conveyed by gases in direct fired coal systems". The system is utilized to sample particulate flow carried within an air stream isokinetically. The sampling probe, the SwivelSampler™ probe or Rotorprobe™, features four (4) nozzles that rotate around the center axis, and thus the probe is ideally suited for use in round pipe flow systems.

ASE's version of the ISO 9931 offers several enhancements over the more standard pulverized fuel samplers. Using a PLC controller and high-accuracy pressure transducer elevates the system's technical output, and the optional Mobile Seal Air Fitting increases safety and speed of testing. Included with the system is an Excel® spreadsheet template that allows the operator to reduce data instantly after a test.

For more information, please review the ISO 9931 Measurement System brochure or contact ASE.