A New Testing System Helps Coal Power Burn Cleaner and Stronger

By Kelly Hile

We are excited to introduce our latest product to the ASE product line. The ACFM V3 is the third installment of the Advanced Coal Flow Measurement device and brings improved accuracy along with safer and easier testing sessions.

Coal flow rate testing is essential for the efficient operation of coal-fired power plants. When coal flow rates are known, the combustion process can be tuned and optimized, reducing both operational costs and environmental impact. In other words, accurate testing data means that just the right mix of fuel and air will reach the power plant boilers, resulting in a cleaner burn with a higher energy output.

In reality, optimizing the combustion process requires multiple tests, a myriad of different tools, and a host of calculations. These tests take a significant amount of time in what are often rough conditions. The ACFM V3 however, wraps these many tests and tools into one convenient, suitcase-sized system, with nearly all of the testing procedures automated. A technician sets up a test using a simple touchscreen, records probe data by remote control, and can immediately have a test report in hand, with calculations that are completely device-driven. Even the probe itself can be motorized and automated, which nearly eliminates human influence on test results. With the ACFM, technicians are safer and power plants get accurate, reliable data more quickly.

Closeup of ACFM V3 touchscreen PLC interface.

ACFM V3 Touchscreen

“With the industry as focused as ever on maximizing the efficiency of the coal-fired power fleet, we are very excited to introduce the ACFM V3,” says Craig Rood, the Technical Director of Airflow Sciences Equipment. “We’ve taken all the features that made the traditional ACFM so great and put them in a smaller package with rock-solid reliability. We’re looking forward to the V3 servicing the industry for years to come!”

The ACFM is equipped to perform clean air tests, dirty air tests, and isokinetic sampling. The complete system also ensures compliance with international test standards such as ISO 9931 and U.S. standards such as ASME PTC 4.2. Power plants with specific testing requirements can customize the ACFM to meet their operational needs.

Photo of an ASE Technician performing a coal pipe test.

ASE Technician performing a test

ACFM V3 Features:

  • Dirty air pitot probe
  • ISO 9931 or ASME PTC 4.2 coal sampling probe
  • Cyclone separator and particulate sampling jar
  • Control module with touchscreen and automatic data logging
  • Remote control for rapid data collection
  • Weigh scale with direct data transfer to the control module
  • Secondary filter to minimize technician exposure to coal dust
  • Seal Air Fitting to reduce leaks at the test port
  • Exportable test data and reports
  • Motorized probe with automated rotation (optional)
  • Automated vacuum adjustment (optional)

The ACFM takes the guesswork out of fine-tuning coal flows in a power plant. With easier, safer, and quicker testing, power plants will have the accurate data they need to optimize performance.

To learn more about the ACFM V3 visit the ACFM V3 page