What is a 3D Probe?

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This is part two of a blog series where we answer all of your probing questions… about flow measurement probes! Today’s blog features our most accurate probe for gas flow measurement – the 3D probe. 3D probes are available in … Continued

Improving Combustion Efficiency in Coal-Fired Power Plants with the Advanced Coal Flow Measurement System (ACFM™)

The Advanced Coal Flow Measurement System (ACFM™) is a state-of-the-art technology used in coal-fired power plants to measure the distribution of coal and combustion air in the furnace. No single factor is more important for combustion efficiency than the distribution … Continued

Generating Fan Performance Curves with an AMCA/ASHRAE Flow Tunnel

By Kelly Hile Having accurate fan data means you can optimize your design and get the highest possible performance from your products. No matter where you are when you read this, you are probably not that far away from a … Continued